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My name is Caroline and I have been a practising counsellor for over 24 years and somatic movement therapist for 5 years. I am also a devoted student and doula of innerdance consciousness.  This year, I have the honour of being invited by Pi to be one of four UK innerdance facilitators to hold local & regional study groups, supporting others as they deeply study the scientific, philosophical & practical frameworks of innerdance.  This process shall enable us to further develop and nurture the innerdance community with aims to integrate into local & national organisations whose priorities include well-being for all.


innerdance has been in my life consciously for 5 years (it has always been here, I just didn't know it) and in the last 18 months, I have turned my attention fully towards my studies and practice through immersive and intensive study with pi and with the global community of co-founders who are my innerdance family. I now consciously integrate the science & sacred geometry of innerdance into every aspect of my life, it is my way of being, seeing, knowing, feeling, moving & dreaming. Through our evolving studies, we recognise that innerdance is a theory of everything & so there is a lot to learn! In support of my continuing development & mastery,  I innerdance weekly to know this form intimately.  I am deeply with this consciousness and so I am a solid & experienced  support  for others as they journey to their depths.

My understanding of and languaging of innerdance is chthonic, rooted in the transformational experiences I continue to have and also through the scientific study and research I co-participate in .​ For me, innerdance is a way of being that supports a deep return to our cosmically innate resources.  It is a synthesis of science & spirit which brings us home to ourselves & our full potential.  

I currently offer individual sessions, at my home, supervision for innerdance facilitators, group sessions in Dundee, Perth, Glasgow, Aberdeen, throughout the UK and online.  I am currently facilitating innerdance projects in a variety of settings including schools and community partnerships.

 Please contact me for information on this powerful practice and to find out about upcoming events.  I am available for festivals, corporate well-being sessions etc and I am happy to visit your locality to hold timespace for innerdance.   I love to combine my travels with innerdance as every person I work with is my teacher and I get to meet so many beautiful souls along the way.  

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