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innerdance therapy with me

I offer monthly group innerdance in Dundee.  I also offer online innerdance and individual sessions at my home.

I am a qualified somatic movement therapist & counsellor which I integrate to create innerdance therapy.


in the comfort of my riverfront home, you shall be witnessed with love and support as you journey into yourself.  With a carefully curated playlist designed to co-activate the electricity and magnetism within your body, you shall go on an internal journey of discovery and healing within the waking dream state.  As your witness and therapeutic companion, I shall channel the energy of innerdance through intuitive touch, energetic dialogue, musical instruments & sound bowls , entraining you deeper into your process.  The soundscape shall be 1 hour in length and we have up to 1 hour for therapeutic integration and re-earthing with your experience which can include sharing & therapeutic exploration, mark making, writing and rest.

An individual session is £80 for up to 2 hours and for innerdancers who have attended group innerdance, I offer a reduced rate of £60 per session.  Please contact me to book yours.

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