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Innerdance isn't dancing as you know it. It is an eyes closed, lying down journey where the dance is internal with cosmic possibilities. It is a powerful consciousness practice which I am honoured to hold space for.

Founded by Pi in the Philippines, innerdance is a global phenomena currently being integrated within contexts ranging from local community centres to educational curriculums, health-care settings, prisons and during birth processes, evidencing consistently transformational results in individual & collective well-being, both anecdotally & through phenomenological & scientific research.

​The science:

With a carefully curated homemade playlist I lovingly create, designed to harmonise the electricity and magnetism within the body, purposefully organised to stimulate brain waves with intention to cloud the linear, reductive view, the brain can experience it's fuller potential as each lobe is awoken, enabling a generalised spread of electricity which repatterns the autonomic nervous system and can bring us back to unity, similar to that of the newborn baby where there is no separation.  Intuitive touch is offered as a stimulus to deepen and support your journey.​​​

Many people notice electrical impulses in the body whilst also feeling rooted to the floor.  These are indicators that the electricity and magnetism within the body are being simultaneously activated and downregulated to enable the branches of the nervous system to be in flow with each other.  I describe it as experiencing the energy of fear without being scared.  You are invited to yield into yourself, trusting & allowing the innate wisdom of the body to take care of you.  



long term effects include but not limited to:

  • reset/rebalanced autonomic nervous system

  • improved sleep patterns

  • synesthesia & increased cerebral capacity

  • greater attention span, concentration, memory

  • less fear, more creativity

  • cellular healing/ancestral clearing


By entraining specific brain waves, the process

mimics an 8 hour REM sleep cycle with experiences similar to lucid dreaming. You may experience synesthesia, imagery, emotion, sensation, release,

time changes, impulse to move or sound.

The innerdance continues after the soundscape ends and you may experience vivid dreams, grief as old stories fall away, clarity and transformation.​

My understanding is that sound, be it music or noise, is the voice & vibration of consciousness itself & the greater range of layered sound I can be with simultaneously, the more at ease I am. 


Prior to innerdance, I suffered from acute hyperacusis which meant I experienced physical pain when exposed to most noise, this was also coupled with acute tinnitus.  Since childhood, when listening to music, I have been able to somatically experience the underlying emotions of songwriters & composers which profoundly impacted me & for most of my adult life, I tried to avoid music, noise and sound, believing I needed a pure silence to feel well.  Innerdance has shown me my unique synesthesia, that noise & sound are pathways home & my hyperacusis & tinnitus have healed.  I still cry when I hear most music and I now embrace this gift of mine as how I know the world - it actually helps me to create the soundscapes I do!

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