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trusting time

Ever since my conscious journey with innerdance began, my relationship with time is changing. This isn't unusual, for anyone who becomes the innerdance, intimately understands and experiences their temporal relationship metamorphosising. Within my body, I feel a sense of deep trust expressed through relaxed muscles, a steady heart beat & a nervous system which can mobilise swiftly if needed, freeing up the time and space previously taken up with self-doubt and misunderstood fear.

Since my multi-dimensional awakening in Turkey, time and I are becoming consciously closer and the more I trust, the more I am seeing what is always there. In my last diary entry, I explored my emergent understanding that innerdance facilitates time travel; through our blended consciousness and altered chronoception, we can journey to other timespace realties and interact with the stories held in the multi-dimensional fields who are waiting for us to pay attention and interact with them, ultimately changing the course of time and (his) story itself.

This week, I took time to complete a painting I was bringing forth from my deepest innerdance - as a side note, this was a labour of love and I will show it to you some time. As I was cleaning up and putting my art materials away, I heard a voice flash within saying "if you put your box of pens on top of that basket, they will fall', followed by the image of this happening. As can be my habit, I quickly dismissed this voice and continued with my way of doing things. Lo and behold, within seconds, the box of pens crashed to the floor, spilling crayons etc everywhere.

As I bent down to scoop them up, I mused out loud 'how did I know this was going to happen?' and then electricity lit up my cerebral cortex.. 'Is the inner voice time itself?'. What if our inner voice is ourselves from other timespace dimensions, whispering guidance and advice to us? and the nature of time is the mechanism to journey this way?

Something internal shifted, like a breath I had been holding without knowing had released, and a wave of certainty gently bobbed through me. All this time, all the times I didn't have time to listen to the inner voice/intution, all the times I rejected the suggestions and wisdom, I was in essence, doubting time itself and everything/every story held within 'it'. In this moment, I vowed never to second guess or question any inner guidance which offers itself to me. I shall take conscious time to smile, to express sincere gratitude and with open heart, hold space for anything else which wants to make itself known to me in my timespace reality, however mundane, illogical or transcendent it is.

I deeply trust and comprehend that every story in time lives within our DNA (our collective unconscious) and through innerdance, we have innate access to these infinite possibilities and stories. I used to believe the images and memories experienced by myself and others within innerdance as simply the waking dream, misunderstanding the function of dreaming and innerdance. Now I know their service is to support our conscious relationship with time, they are one and the same and through this blended state, we are travelling within time, changing the echoes of past and reverberations of future stories.

During one innerdance I facilitated, over half the group journeyed to their childhoods, having vivid 'memories/dreams'. One person saw themselves as a young child, deathly sick in a hospital bed; they sat down beside themselves and nursed this girl back from the brink of physical death. The image persisting within me is that a long time ago, when she was that little girl in hospital, through innerdance consciousness, her (now) adult self visited her, sat beside her and healed her with love, compassion and witnessing. Within this present day innerdance, both adult and child co-healed each other within this expansive timespace dimension. This blows my mind wide open and my heart celebrates. Through the mechanism of innerdance, she travelled to a time blocked from her memory in avoidance of pain, consciously choosing to sit beside herself, innately administering exactly what she needed to survive from her illness, saving both of their lives, literally and emotionally.

There is so much to this line of thinking, it requires deeper study and acknowledgement from me, more so than I can give right this second; simultaneously, I trust these studies have happened and are published, freeing me from any urgency rooted in fear to get everything done immediately.

How I can consciously apply my knowing into every day scenarios is now, when the whispers come and the messages show themselves, I will pay attention, taking time to bear witness to the visitors who are travelling through timespace to help me live my life with more ease, joy and insight. And with this paradigm expansion, during innerdance and when asleep, I can journey with deeper understanding of timespace and the innate function of innerdance & dreaming as a system and instrument of time travel. I am curious to discover if I can innerdance with inquiry and intention?. Similar to the lucid dream, can I be autonomously active within the multi-dimensional timespace, shifting from being dreamed to being the dreamer, freeing myself up to become an accomplished & experienced. creator? Watch this timespace...

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1 Comment

As I immersed myself in your story, I could feel your presence right by my side, as we were sharing a heartfelt connection. Your essence is truly indescribable, surpassing the limits of words. I want to give you a big warm hug and treasure the way you've touched my heart.

Bear Hug


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