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I love Lucy

For those of you who are curious about innerdance and want to understand this consciousness, may I recommend the movie Lucy, directed by Luc Besson. This film explores some of the key themes and experiences at the heart of innerdance such as time, the infinite potential within us and how we can increase our cerebral capacities.

This film is also a mirror image to the most profound rebirth I have had in innerdance which is transforming me, radically changing my world view. I continue to be deep in process and although I am not ready to share this story yet, its essence is told through this film. Watching Lucy for the first time last night, I re-experienced my life review during my rebirth, down to the most powerfully intimate and specific details of my innerdance.

It leaves me curious to how the writer/director could have known about and foreseen what would happen to me 10 years before it came to pass? There may be sceptics who say the film has unconsciously influenced my innerdance yet how could it when I had never seen it before? I acknowledge Pi's love for the film, he references it in his teachings and he does interweave some of the script into his soundscapes and so it is possible that I was primed to receive this information. If that's the case, wow, the scope and potency of innerdance and how we are capable of increasing others' brain capacity is showing itself with profound effect.

If I open this inquiry up to the nature of time as a unit of currency, time as unity where past, present and future are simultaneous, everywhere and nowhere all at once, then this might explain how a movie made 10 years ago could document my lived experience to such accuracy that my brain and body began to electrify and relive this innerdance through the deja vu activated by watching the film.

With our research using EEG equipment, we are able to see in real time how the brainwaves are stimulated and cross-couple under the innerdance conditions and for anyone who has journeyed with the soundscape Corpus Callosum or who innerdances frequently, I can confidently assume that you are noticing a shift in your brain functioning.

For myself, I feel my brain's internal movements most of the time now, it is as if it is changing shape and growing. During Corpus Callosum, I could feel the electricity rewiring this region of my brain. I could sense the electricity passing between the hemispheres, as if an electric needle and thread were stitching them together. My memory has improved and my capacity to absorb data simultaneously and perceive patterns and sacred geometry is increasing. I feel smarter, I am living with less fear, I am switched on and I have never felt so alive.

During innerdance, many experience their sense of time changing (chronoception). I become time itself, embodying a deep understanding that time is dimensional and when `I am united in time, I return to a formless state. No longer is there a linear sense of time and I can journey anywhere within this timeless formlessness including the fertile void, the jurassic era, ancient Egypt, the AI future...

We know that in innerdance, regions of the brain associated with time perception are activated (cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, suprachiasmatic nucleus) and Pi describes innerdance as a Zeitgeber - that we are giving people back time and within the innerdance, many report experiences of life and death reviews where they see the stories of their lives and other stories flashing through them.

During my recent innerdance intensive in Turkey, I became more intimately acquainted with time. One morning,we walked to a historic site where we lay on the ruins and experienced another innerdance with some live instruments, song and a delta sound coming through the speakers. I was drawn to the right angle of an ancient wall. I fit snuggly in there and within seconds, this wall became a portal to dimensions beyond my own comprehension. At first, I could hear the sound of claws and paws through the stone, I dismissed this by assuming it was coming from the soundscape being played, then my legs were forcibly nudged by what felt like the nose of a large dog or wolf. And then I was deep in time, deathly cold. I became nothingness.

I went so deep, I didn't realise the innerdance had ended, I could barely walk and I was struck into silent weeping at the beauty of everything. I had to drink a couple of pints of freshly squeezed orange juice just to feel human again. As we sat hydrating and eating fruit, our kind host and guide shared some of the history of the site. It was named after the wolves who inhabited the land, there was mythology of Zeus and birth and wars. As he spoke of the wolves, I vividly remembered the sound of paws running on the stone, of being nudged. I understand they were there with me in that moment of my life and I was with them in their lifetime. Later on, as we unpacked the experience, Pi shared he had used one delta harmony and so the sounds I heard were from another source, they were coming from the wolves themselves. We were united in time, influencing each other, restorying together.

This diary entry wrote itself, I didn't need to conjure it up, it was already written in time, waiting for me to open up to it, just as every innerdance experience is within me, waiting patiently for me to yield to my own innate and infinite potential. Every story ever known, told and lived is within time and under the right conditions we are able to access them, bearing witness whilst simultaneously becoming every story. I am reminded of the Ouroborous, the cosmic serpent eating its own tail, symbolising that life and death are the same, there is no end and no beginning. Time is continuous, infinite, looping and looking for our conscious interaction and as we know through innerdance, time is available to everyone who wants to travel in this way.

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