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fire breathing

I read somewhere that fire needs 3 things: fuel, heat & oxygen.

ONe DaY, ordinary I'm sure

the extraordinary looked me in the eye,

a hide and seek like no other

For sometimes the breath finds a way in, a way past the guard,

lulling them to sleep.

Relieving them of duty.

And there you are. Never so far away, a drop of breath & you consume

the invitation to be.

To claim the right

the birth rites.

For you know what it takes to be your full

size & you know what it costs to be small.

A managed fire.

For fire ravages, it clears, it screams

of truths held in suffocation.

How grateful I am of your pride.

Your refusal to not merely exist.

How you spew forth from volcanoes & mascara tubes

in the dead of night

taking centre stage & leaving scorched remains.

There's no denying you.

So breath is cut to smother the flames

and steam is released as tears.

Yet here you are.

A relentless flame who roars for those who dare to hear.

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