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Double Helix

I recently read a phenomenal book which explored how Shamans from around the globe innately understand the molecular biology of plants and their medicines. Through the author's extensive field & desktop research, he discovered that dating back prehistorically, the image of the double serpent & the double helix appeared in cultures around the world, sometimes as ropes or ladders, and in our modern day, it is the image of medicine and on signs hanging outside of pharmacies. He postulates that information is communicated through our DNA and that in ancient times, there was a deep understanding of this, hence the depiction & repetition of these images. I also read that an individual's DNA, in its full length can reach to the sun & back about 61 times. The cosmic serpent is within us.

Fast forward a couple of months, I am in Paris for innerdance training and we are beginning our morning with a meditation. We are invited to be with our roots as they anchor into the earth. I close my eyes and I see the coiling body of enormous blue snakes, writhing and dancing with each other. I am somewhat surprised by the image and I let out an inaudible gasp. As I follow them with my curiosity, two dragon heads appear! I am stuck by the potency of their colour and how vivid the texture of their skin is. Later in the day, as I snuggle down to journey with innerdance, A ladder unfurls from the heavens, it is made of rope and golden yarn, there is a sense of infinity to it. As I look down, the ladder blends into the body of the dragon snakes. I hear a whisper telling me to climb up and as I begin my ascent, other sounds refocus my attention and the ladder fades into the clouds. I have a feeling this will not be the last time the ladder shall appear to me!

My sense is that innerdance, or I.D, is a journey into our DNA. It is a process of self-healing and the profundity of innerdance is precisely because we are supported to come back to our true nature, to discover what lies within our DNA - infinity. Through these processes, we remember how to be, we remember who we are, beyond our learned behaviours & beliefs. Our sense of self dissolves and we discover an evolving identity where the portals to blended and expanded consciousness exist within us innately. I know for myself that as I continue to journey and support my own process and the

process of others, more information is available to me, it is a deep knowing and trust that eases my nervous system and pleases me at a cellular, DNA level. I imagine that my double headed dragon and cosmic ladder are images from deep within my DNA, inviting me, informing me, and I am eager to know more!

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