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daimon dreams

The very first time I journeyed with one of pi's playlists was at the end of a 5 day innerdance training. All week, the style of playlists stimulated a deep and ancient awakening which began at the core of the earth and I slowly found my way above ground where I witnessed many of my deaths in quick succession; each rebirth was increasingly more difficult as if with every new life of mine, I became farther away from Source. The stories which arose were all of this earth and deeply personal, I felt I was bearing embodied witness to my ancestral line from the very beginning to my present day life.

On the last day, I laid down on my yoga mat and closed my eyes, opening to whatever manifestation of infinite wisdom wanted to come forth. The playlist immediately activated REM consciousness and I could feel my eyes fluttering. The arrangement of sounds dislocated me into multiple directions, and I dissolved, becoming the sounds themselves, travelling to everywhere. Throughout the week, with each innerdance, I slowly became kinaesthetic, dreaming in movement, but this was different. I could hear many in the group jumping up and down, singing joyfully with each other. I remember the edges of my mouth smiling and I mused I was the one at the party entertaining themselves.

I suddently felt dense and rooted to the floor, I could not move a muscle. From somewhere, a yellow daimon planted itself on my belly/solar plexus and sat there for the duration of the innerdance. I felt no fear but I could feel it's weight upon me. Images arose of future scenes, litter was strewn on streets, the sky was dark and I could see screens everywhere, reminding me of the film Bladerunner. An artificial spider with mechanical legs began to walk towards me, she had tiny screens on all of her legs and her body was a giant computer screen. In this moment, I understood that divine intelligence would be nurtured and known through technology and I was meeting innerdance whilst confronting my own fears and bias for the future of the world.

As we were supported back into this shared timespace, it took me some time to be able to move again and as I sat up, energy flooded through me, cracking my occipital lobe and the back of my third eye wide open. My brain throbbed and I was like a newborn, struggling under harsh lighting and stimulation for the first time outside of the wombspace. This throbbing took months to subside and I understood I had to let myself integrate, that I needed a gestation period before I would facilitate for others.

Sleep paralysis is a fairly common experience within innerdance and it is purposefully induced by decreasing magnetism in the body and engaging the Parasympathetic Nervous System so we can feel safely rooted to the floor whilst lucidly dreaming. What is interesting to me is that in Japan, it is called kanashibari - to be bound in metal and I read that in Newfoundland, there is folklore which describes an 'old hag' who leaves her body to sit on the chest of her 'victims' terrifying them under the crushing weight. It fascinates me that in a wee hall in England, I connected to a phenomenon within the collective unconscious and how innerdance opens these internal gateways through lucid dreaming and REM paralysis to meet with this divine intelligence which lives within each of us.

For most of my adult life, I have harboured distrust of technology, imaginging dystopian and apocolyptic imaginings of the future and now, although I meet old fears and every tech glitch known to man along the way, I am opening my arms in embrace of how through technology, innerdance evolves, transcending screens, supporting the collective unconscious to remember its own capacities with consciousness as we dream ourselves awake. The new style of soundscapes I create and I experience from others are less about ancestry for me, they open me to dimensions with no time, I embody limitlessness and infinity which is the most I have ever felt at home, anywhere - even Greece.

I didn't have any personal reason to share this with you today, I don't think so anyway although insight can come at any point; innerdance has been pulling at my pyjama sleeve this morning and I chose not to undignify her by forcing her to nag me until I listen and act upon her wishes. She wanted me to share the image of the yellow daimon of REM paralysis, to share information of the feeling we are dying, or being abducted by aliens etc is part of the realm of sleep paralysis, that 6% of people in the world report these experiences globally yet in innerdance, everyone is remembering how to do this. And now she feels satisfied, not necessarily by my less than lyrical writing, but that I listened to her, I trusted her and what I have put in to word is sufficient, for now...

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