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blue lotus rising...

Not many people know this but the reason I dye my hair blue with dark brown roots is in reverence and tribute to the divine essence of the blue lotus. Blue Lotus or Nympahea Caerulea is an ancient Egyptian water lily, she is a symbol of the sun and is established as one of the first plants to evolve on earth. Many believe she is the highest vibrational frequency plant, encoded with cosmic codes and in 160 million years or so, fossil evidence shows that her DNA structure has remained stable and immutable.

Throughout history and pre-history, her image is a symbol of deep wisdom and spiritual awakening and she is known to have been imbibed to support divine dream time within temples. She is connected with royalty, present in King Tutankhamun's shrine and found at Karnac in scenes of rites of passage into the afterlife & celebration. She can produce mild psychoactive results which support lucid dreaming, she has aphrodisiac qualities and other properties include apomorphine and nuciferine which stimulate dopamine receptors.

Her roots are a life-giving organ system, their pathway is thick and powerful, enjoying the cooleness of dark waters, anchoring her as they simultaneously absorb water and essential nutrients for her to thrive. Her glorious petals delicately float on the surface of waterways, soaking up the light of the day before she returns to rest, petal by petal. Symbolically, she is both soft and strong, light and dark, cool and hot, life and death. For me, she is a sacred and gentle companion, guide and friend (she lets me lovingly call her blue).

I was introduced to her two years ago by an inspiring innerdance facilitator and trainer Katie Holland who has been in worship with her for many years and who co-creates alongside Mona, the owner of a sacred blue lotus temple in Cairo who does such important work in bringing the lotus back to the Nile and back to humanity. Since our first 'dance', blue and I have been in communion daily. I begin my day with a glass of water and tincture, followed by strongly brewed tea; I then anoint myself with perfume before fragrancing my home with her essential oil and incense. As I take my morning sip, I talk with her, asking her how I can be in service to her? what is it I need to see, know, learn, release, alchemise today?

Last year, when I went to Finland for a deep innerdance training with Pi, I met some dear soul sisters who had never met blue lotus before as she is illegal in their home countries. As we took in our tincture together, holding eye contact, something surprising happened. I began to feel blue move differently, I could sense her moving through me and beyond me, invisibly intertwining with the auric field of my friends. Beyond the perception of my human sight, my third eye could see blue tendrils reaching out from us to each other. In this heartbeat, I understood that blue lotus seeks out community, she wants to be part of co-creative celebration; this is her nature.

Since then, I have begun to hold space for her with innerdance as they are two portals into expanded dream consciousness. Their energies match vibrationally and in recognition of each other. Lifetimes ago, when innerdance was known by other names, I sense within the deepest cellular structures of my DNA code that this mechanism of divine dreaming was supported by blue lotus and this was confirmed to me a few weeks ago in one of our daily conversations as she asked me to call these gatherings 'Deep Blue'.

As playful research, I recently journeyed with a Deep Blue soundscape I created. I was bobbing on the surface of the Nile before slipping underwater. I swam down and I could see thousands of amniotic sacs with fetuses and babies in all stages of womb development. Their umbilical cords were the roots of the blue lotus. My view shifted and I was one of those babies, close to birth. My tiny fingers pushed into the sac as I pulled an opening for myself, spilling into the depths of the Nile. The water was muddy, I couldn't see anything but I could feel the milky texture of the water. In trust, I surrendered to this journey as the waters carried me further. I emerged onto the surface on a lotus leaf, a baby in bliss as the currents of the Nile spiralled me gently. As the umbilical cord naturally fell away, a pure light coiled from my navel, waving up to the sun. Babies love a natural lotus birth. Moments later, I was being pushed under water to be ceremonially drowned to allow me entrance to the deepest temple space within the pyramids. As I emerged from death, I could see skeletons lying on slabs. There was a dj station and I began to mix ancient and modern sounds before becoming the Apex of the pyramid. I was a beaming golden point communicating with stars. My throat began to elongate and I could see that I was one of four blue cobras who made the Apex. We simultaneously bore our throats, opening up the tip of the Apex to welcome in celestial light to beam down directly into the pyramid, transforming the temple into pure sound. As the dreamscape ebbed away and I returned to my bed in 2024, I was beaming.

Since then, I am receiving so much more information and my light language has accelerated at a phenomenal rate. I am having more conversations about blue lotus, finding a tribe within Scotland who resonate with her and who are excited for Deep Blue and the opportunity to come together in reverence and respect of her divine properties and gifts in support of conscious dreaming. As I sit typing this up, sipping blue, she is guiding me, enriching this diary entry with her qualities and codes. Perhaps you too might feel her whisper to you, inviting you in, piquing your curiosity to know more, to discover that you too are an ancient acquaintance who wishes to journey and innerdance with her once again, contributing to a new age where the highest vibrational frequencies of true blue and deep blue resonate around the world, uplifting us all.

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